decciBel is a Music Marketing company bourne out of frustration with the way that many artists/band promote themselves online, guilty of this ourselves by not properly promoting music in the past, not getting the proper assets in place and lacking a marketing strategy. It was clear after working with Musicians over the years that this is a point of concern for many artists.

The company was started in 2019 by Robin Ball, the focus is on educating Artists and Bands on the benefit of having a Digital Presence that is wholly owned by them, instead of using properties that are not owned by the Artist.

Robin has 22 years experience in the Music Industry on the Artist side, starting as a Drummer and moving into the studio later on. Training in both School of Audio Engineering, London and Berklee College of Music, Boston. Seeing the landscape for Digital Marketing develop Robin went back to College to study more formally and employ the strategies to the Music Industry.

Focusing heavily on the technology side of Marketing, with a desire to help musicians realise that email marketing is still by far the most successful way to get their message across. Also, helping artists develop a brand and voice to be able to be more consistent in online communication.

Offering free email courses to Students to help them realise the potential that they have is high on the list of importance. The learning platform is being developed to encompass courses of all types that focus on Marketing, Mindset and Production. During various iterations of the main course ‘The System’ it was clear that decciBel needed to help motivate artists through the entire process, the course now has a new first module – Mindset.

With that realised we have needed to do research into how the mind works and how that Musicians can use techniques to overcome barriers and blocks to all manner of issues, they might have.

decciBel is fully committed to helping Musicians, from all genres and backgrounds, put their best foot forward in a changing digital landscape.